• Skyquake Voyager Class Transformer
  • Transforms from robot to fighter jet and back
  • Pulse cannon converts and lights up
  • Approximately 7 inches tall
  • Made by Hasbro
Skyquake's loyalties are unlikely to be questioned anytime soon. A Decepticon guardian sent to protect Earth's energon stocks, he is completely loyal to Megatron. He will not only obey every order, he will follow them until Megatron says otherwise, regardless of the passage of time. He also possesses a rather short temper towards the disloyal and is not beyond backhanding even a superior officer who gets in the way of Megatron's will. His split-Spark twin brother is the similarly honor-bound Dreadwing. The two are able to sense each other, even across the galaxy.
Status: Enabled
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