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MINIONS cute KEVIN + STUART + BOB 6" plush set 3 soft toys Despicable Me - NEW!

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MINIONS cute KEVIN + STUART + BOB 6" plush set 3 soft toys Despicable Me - NEW!

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Kevin is a tall, two-eyed minion with sprout cut hair and is usually seen wearing his golf apparel. He loves to make fun of and tease people or Minions, shown when he made fun of Jerry and teases him for being a coward. Kevin enjoys playing golf and cricket. In the film Minions he is the leader of the trio in search of a new master. He truly cares about the well-being of the Minion tribe (which is dependent on them having a proper master).


Stuart is an one-eyed short Minion with combed hair. In Despicable Me 2, he is seen dressed up as a girl after Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League and sent to Bake My Day to investigate. Stuart is playful, friendly, intelligent and funny. He is skillful at video games like his friend Dave. He can also be the most sincere and innocent out of all the minions. Stuart seems to have a rebellious and difficult attitude. He is considered to be a slacker among the other Minions, preferring to chill out and play the ukulele than listen to the rules. Also, he was always hungry in Minions, such as when he attempted to eat Kevin and Bob when he was thinking of them as bananas. He even tried to eat a yellow fire hydrant in New York, thinking it was food!


Bob is a short and bald minion with multi-colored eyes (green and brown). He is a minion who is more childish and immature than most of the other minions. Bob is described as a "Little Brother" who finds love in anything and everything, including a rat (who he named Poochy) he found in a sewer in the Minions film. He also enjoys bedtime stories and playing with his favorite stuffed teddy bear, Tim.

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