Jim Henson's Pajanimals APOLLO SQUACKY SWEETPEA SUE COWBELLA 15" plush soft toys

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Get all Jim Henson's Pajanimals characters in one listing - that's right the whole set of four. These are beautiful plush soft toys and will delight any fan of the show. You will get:

  • Apollo is a purple and lime green dog, and the leader of the gang. He's very interested in space travel and often fantasises about traveling though space in his own rocket ship. As a testament to this dream, he has the insigna of Project Apollo (the NASA program that landed a man on the moon) over his bed.
  • Squacky is a very excitable blue and yellow duck. He is very hyper, loves to play practical jokes and is often seen bouncing off the walls (literally). He does, however, have a passion for reading, which is one of the only things that helps him settle down. He has a Daffy Duck-esque lisp.
  • Sweetpea Sue is a pink and orange pony with a Southern accent. She loves nature and the outdoors. She is a bit of a leader type (and possibly Apollo's second-in-command) and can get the other Pajanimals on-track when they want to stay up late at night and play.
  • CowBella is a pink, purple and white cow with an Italian accent, who sometimes speaks using Italian phrases such as "Buon giorno" or "Mamma mia!"(only in the shorts). She is a very well-mannered cow and loves elegance. She also enjoys playing dress-up. Her name is a pun on the Italian phrase "Ciao bello". In the new series, it appears she has lost her Italian accent.
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