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CANIMALS squeaky 5 character pack Mimi Ato Oz Nia Fizzy Aardman toys - NEW!

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CANIMALS squeaky 5 character pack Mimi Ato Oz Nia Fizzy Aardman toys - NEW!

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Each Canimal has a little something that sets them apart and makes them special...

Ato - the happy dogsbody

ATO’s gentle nature and simple outlook means that he is the number one candidate for menial tasks, and it’s a role he relishes. All ATO wants is for every can to be happy and all his efforts go into making sure they are, even if it means being MIMI’s minion every now and then.

Nia - a cute scaredy cat

The other CANIMALS protect NIA as much as they can, unless of course they're teasing her themselves! NIA may seem weak, but she does have a secret weapon that will get her out of any tight spot -a supersonic scream that will literally blow you away. (Unfortunately it also can be triggered by unexpected noises, sudden movements and giant squirrels.)

Mimi - a pink loving dog with a princess complex

MIMI is fashionable and beautifully bossy.She’ll take control of every situation - whether she’s asked to or not! The other CANIMALS listen to whatever MIMI says, and end up doing whatever she demands! Not out of respect though, but for fear of her Mula Mula ear slap attack!

Oz - there's always one and it's always Oz

OZ wants what she can’t have - and it usually belongs to others. Her tomboy attitude and boisterous nature means that if she can’t have fun, she’ll make certain that no one else can, which often means she’s left on the side lines.

Fizzy - solitary, stealthy and sneaky

Prone to dreams of ninja grandeur, FIZZY frequently attempts to make them come true. There is a fine line between awesome and accident prone (And FIZZY’s ability to balance on that line, means he usually falls on the last words of that sentence!)

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